Transition your company into a Secured Digital Ecosystem.


ArmorCG is a cloud security technology company with expertise in cloud application security and digital transformation. Our clients rely on us to help them secure data across applications analyzing user behavior from embedded AI and Machine Learning. We enable our clients and partners to accurately rate Cloud Application Compliance based on their tolerance; delivering compliance reporting. In addition, to discover, safely enable, and govern the rollout of critical as a Service applications for thousands of employees across multiple domains.

As Certified Cloud Solution Consultants, Clients and business partners come to us to identify and resolve gaps in their cloud application and employee security protocols. We work together to ‘FIT’ “Find Impact Together” solutions to our clients unique needs. Our clients rely on us to teach and leverage our cloud solution certifications.

As Cloud Application Security Strategists, we offer a unique, multi-mode CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) on a Cloud Security Platform that is content- and context-aware, action-oriented, and built from the ground up for today’s cloud. Our platform and solutions empower people with security designed for how they work, without slowing them down. By driving secure cloud adoption, enforce compliance management, and achieving brand protection–transforming security into a business enabler by increasing your bottom line and reducing costs.

Blockchain-as-a-Service, Our Blockchain Web Services enables blockchain applications to be built easily. Taking care of the complexity of building and running blockchain infrastructure. We are blockchain agnostic and runs multiple blockchains—open and private–on the same infrastructure.

As Digital Transformers, we align business strategy with new opportunities to increase digital streams of revenue through innovative technologies like a global SD-WAN with built-in network security, delivered as a cloud service. Securely connects all business locations, people, and applications. Reducing MPLS costs, eliminating distributed appliances, provides secure internet access, and globally extends the WAN to mobile users and cloud datacenters.


Armor helps clients focus their time, energy and resources on core organizational strategies and departmental initiatives rather than the day-to-day minutiae of technology lifecycle management. With a highly knowledgeable and experienced team, in-house engineering and back-office resources, Armor helps manage all aspects of the project with a proven process--beginning with initial discovery, planning and strategy through to successful implementation and ongoing account support.

Armor delivers higher levels of client satisfaction, increased efficiency and drive substantial cost savings.

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