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Armor Communications Group is a supplier-neutral technology agency with expertise in digital transformation, cloud and cybersecurity professional services. We provide the critical link between our clients and suppliers of technology–easing management and simplifying the process of evaluating and selecting best-in-class solutions to meet your unique needs. Armor provides custom, end-to-end solutions from a portfolio of more than 100+ suppliers globally. Our loyalty is to our clients and our goal is to source optimal solutions for your business.

As Digital Transformers, we align business strategy with new opportunities to increase digital streams of revenue through automation. Reduce cost of compliance reporting, brand/intellectual property protection, and cyber breaches by leveraging solutions that include AI and Machine Learning within their platforms.

As Certified Cloud Solution Consultants, we are Client Centric and service focused across your portfolio supporting both domestic and international cloud solutions. Certified in Cloud Service Strategies and Certified provider of IT services for Federal, State, and Local Agencies.

As Cloud Application Cybersecurity Strategists, we offer a unique, multi-mode CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) & Cloud Cybersecurity Platform. We help companies drive secure cloud adoption, enforce compliance management, and achieve brand protection–transforming security into a business enabler by increasing your bottom line and reducing costs.


Armor helps clients focus their time, energy and resources on core organizational strategies and departmental initiatives rather than the day-to-day minutiae of supplier and technology lifecycle management. With a highly knowledgeable and experienced team, in-house engineering and back-office resources, Armor helps manage all aspects of the project with a proven process--beginning with initial discovery, planning and strategy through to successful implementation and ongoing account support.

Armor delivers higher levels of client satisfaction, increased efficiency and drive substantial cost savings.

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