Managed Security


Today’s advanced attacks evade discrete best-of-breed security products, often going undetected for long periods of time. Odds are your network has already been breached and you don’t even know it. But how could that be?

Typically, organizations have deployed a variety of discrete point solutions in an effort to fortify their defenses. However, these solutions fail to effectively share and correlate data. Signature-based solutions can only protect you from 2% of known exploits. Even advanced security solutions, such as sandboxes, are frequently circumvented by advanced persistent threats. SIEM’s attempt to correlate data from these disparate solutions, but inevitably, the result is huge alert volumes that quickly overwhelm IT teams.

Bottom line, a perimeter-focused security strategy simply can’t keep up. Besides, your employees walk right past your perimeter everyday with laptops, tablets and mobile devices, which they connect directly to your heart of your network.

It’s Time to Change the Rules of the Game

Because traditional security approaches just can’t compete in this battle, winning means changing the rules of the game. Our managed security solutions combine the best of machine intelligence and human intelligence to deliver superior threat prediction, detection, and protection.

Our patented security technology leverages advanced machine learning and big data analytics that consumes, normalizes, correlates, and analyzes vast amounts of data to protect against even the most advanced persistent threats.


Our advanced managed security solution, Unified Enterprise Security (UES), augments and complements your existing security investments with our patented security technology and continuous expert monitoring. We identify and analyze even the most subtle anomalies to stop threats in their tracks.


While perimeter defenses alone are not enough, they are necessary, and we’ve got you covered. Our Managed Firewall solutions are available stand alone or fully integrated with our UES managed solution. Achieve maximum flexibility with three deployment models: premise, cloud, and virtualized.


Our Professional Services team helps you secure your environment and meet regulatory and compliance requirements. We offer comprehensive security audits, vulnerability assessments, compliance testing, penetration testing, and risk management analysis.


Our Threat Intelligence Dashboard provides immediate single-source access to threat data and a consolidated view of your security posture. With a view of prioritized security threats and the underlying data that created them, organizations can get ahead of the threat curve and prevent security issues.

Explore our comprehensive advanced managed security solution, Unified Enterprise Security.

Our Unified Enterprise Security (UES) fulfills the promise of a truly integrated advanced threat-management solution, delivering an enterprise security experience unlike any other.

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