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Maximize opportunities with new revenue streams.

When it comes to selecting a master agency, there are a lot of choices. How do you know which master is right for your new or existing business or agency? The majority of masters have similar offerings in terms of their portfolios, commission structure and resources. They promise to provide you with the support, training and resources you need to grow your agency. Armor takes a different approach with a unique model that provides the ultimate in flexibility.


Armor has built a solid reputation with its Sales Partners, Supplier Partners, and end-user customers as a successful and high integrity company to do business with.

Armor is focused on empowering the independent sales channel by assisting business telecom customers in making informed choices about services, technology, and cost savings. We deliver the best carrier neutral solutions to end-user customers through an elite nationwide network of telecom sales and consulting professionals.

Our Mission Statement

Armor will lead the way in selling business telecommunications services through an independent sales channel. We strive to deliver exclusive advantages and prestigious affiliations to top producing Sales Partners and Supplier Partners. Our goal is to optimize the independent sales channel experience and to raise the standards of how business telecommunications services are bought and sold.



Our Core Values

  • Freedom & Independence. Armor is the home of those who are willing to see what they can achieve based on their effort, vision, and performance. No floors, no ceilings. You make the test, take the test and grade the test. Pass or fail. How good are you?
  • Passion & Hard Work. Being driven to go above and beyond. Defining individuals as high achievers in business and in life. Overcoming challenges, maximizing relationships and setting higher standards.
  • Integrity & Honesty. Demonstrating strong character under pressure. Committing to responsible decision making and refusing to lie or deceive. It’s not just business. It defines us, personally and professionally.

Our Company Culture

  • Performance. We measure our success and hold ourselves and one another accountable.
  • Fairness. We are fair to all we come in contact with.
  • Respect. We value others and their opinions.  This builds teams that are difficult to beat.
  • Humility. There is no “I” in teamwork.
  • Development & Training. We place no limitations on what an individual can achieve.

Our Leadership Approach

  • We Embrace Healthy Conflict
  • We Lead by Inspiration
  • We Believe Loyalty is Earned
  • We Encourage Colleague Development through Extensive Training and Team Building